Jena's "Fuchsturm" (Fox Tower) around 1900

The JeSyP Series

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Jena's "Fuchsturm" (Fox Tower) around 1900
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

The JeSyP Series

The Jena Summer Symposia in Philosophy (JeSyP) are held at the end of the summer term at the department of philosophy at the University of Jena. Each symposium features a two-day workshop with peer-reviewed presentations, primarily by graduate students and early-career post-docs, as well as a keynote lecture by a distinguished invited guest.

On the day before the workshop, our distinguished guest also teaches a one-day seminar aimed at advanced undergraduate students and graduate students with some familiarity with this year’s topic, enabling them to fully take part in the subsequent workshop. One of many ways for students to familiarize themselves with the symposium’s topic is to take part in a suitable preparatory seminar in the summer term, either in Jena or elsewhere.

The JeSyP series is run by David LöwensteinExternal link.

Past Symposia

Ladder to Knowledge
The Second Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy
Rubik's Cube
The First Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy