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Mental Capacities (JeSyP 2018)

The First Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy
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The topic of the first Jena Summer Symposium in Philosophy (JeSyP 2018) is “Mental Capacities”. This year’s distinguished guest is Professor Michael Kremer (University of Chicago).

The symposium will take place from July 17th to 20th in Jena, Germany, co-organized by Hannes Worthmann (Erlangen) and David Löwenstein (Jena).

Professor Kremer will lead a a one-day seminar on epistemic injustice, aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and give the keynote lecture at a two-day workshop with peer-reviewed presentations primarily by early-career post-docs and graduate students. This program follows the general format of the JeSyP series. This year, there will also be an additional pre-read discussion session.

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